Epic lady Darius from League of Legends by Jynx Art & Cosplay

Photography by Martin Wong

Thank you for sharing my Darius cosplay!


Riot Jynx as Darius, the Hand of Noxus

You can see more of her work here: https://www.facebook.com/JynxedArt

Photography/editing by me, taken at PAX 2014

(She did an absolutely amazing job - I didn’t have my camera at first, so I had to run to my car and grab it just so I could take pictures of this outstanding cosplay.)

A portrait of my new ‘Lady’ Darius cosplay debuted at PAX Prime 2014! I love playing the champion, so this have been one of my all-time favorite costumes to build. <3

More info and pictures at www.fb.com/JynxedArt.


Behind the Scenes from our Gotham Bunnies shoot with Greg De Stefano.

pictures will be coming in the next few weeks! Finally!


based off MilkyDayy’s DC Bunnies:

Poison Ivy - GeekyGlamorous
Mr. Freeze - Iamchubbybunny
The Joker - YumeNinja
The Penguin - SZMoon
Harley Quinn - RiotJynx
The Riddler - RocketGirlRuby
Catwoman - Chloe Dykstra

*not filmed: Two Face (Chrissa Sparkles) and Scarecrow (Jenny Newman)

and our guest party crasher: Chris Hardwick (lol)

Thank you Yume Ninja for editing this footage, It turned out great! <3


FIST-BUMP! Thank you SO MUCH for playing games and hanging out with us at PAX East this year. We’re already counting down the days ‘til we’ll see you guys in Boston again. : )

I’m now back from PAX East, and I must say it was an amazing event! Thank you to all of the passionate and talented players who visited the booth. It was an experience that I will always cherish!

Meeting so many of you from the east coast was really awesome. Thank you for all the great conversations, pictures, games, and memories! I hope to meet more of you in the future. =)

I’ll be posting a PAX East gallery on my Facebook page soon. <3


This makes me so happy! Author: riotjynx
Source: http://gbp24.me/1qP6kF6
Date: April 12, 2014 at 05:17PM

Me and another awesome cosplayer from PAX East. Warhammer costumes hold a special place in my heart. <3 Waaagh!


Find Riot Jynx and the Rioters with red iPad minis to sign up for the cosplay show at PAX!

Me and a great Jinx cosplayer at PAX East last weekend. I feel really lucky to have met so many talented people at the event!

I would like to start sharing more on Tumblr; so here are some shots of my Pentakill Sona cosplay during Anime Expo last year. More photos and info can be found on my Tumblr and Facebook page.

Photography by: Vince Michael BlancoJeprox Shots

Jon, Population GO, Samuel Choo, and Ed Tan.


Some out takes from the entire #gothambunnies group!

Can not wait to get all the final images by @gregdestefano thanks also to @kkkkkkiyo for the #twoface makeup! 

Joker: Me
Ms. Freeze: IamChubbybunny
Poison Ivy: GeekyGlamorous
Harley Quinn: RiotJYNX
Catwoman: Chloe Dykstra
Two-Face: Chrissa Sparkles
Scarecrow: Jennernugen
Penguin: SZMoon
Riddler: Ruby Lee Young

inspired by the artwork of Oskar Vega (Milkydayy)

Out takes from our recent cosplay group! This was such a fun project to be involved in. I’m really looking forward to sharing the final set of photos!

For Comikaze 2013 I worked on a Harley Quinn cosplay based off of the lovely art by Milkydayy. We had a whole group of awesome Gotham Bunnies (Riddler missing in the pic above), and I really enjoyed cosplaying with these talented ladies (Penguin, Ivy, Joker & Ms. Freeze).

Though this costume was made pretty quickly, it offered a great learning experience for completing my first boned bodice from scratch. Unfortunately because of some poor planning on my part I was not able to recreate the design exactly, but I’m still quite pleased with the result. I took some fun liberties with the makeup styling as well.

I’ll be sharing more photos soon. Check out my Facebook page for more info. Thanks!

Group photo by David Ngo.

Here’s some photos of my Neon Stike Vi cosplay debuted at PAX Prime this year. I was in a rush to finish this costume on time (as usual), so I would like to update a few things before wearing her again on Halloween.

Photography by (in order): David Ngo, Undiscovered Photography, Riot Games, Eugene Hsu, Joshua Lewis, Martin Wong

More information and progress on my cosplays can be found at Facebook.com/JynxedArt. Thanks!

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